Costco Announces They Will Start Charging For Their ‘Free’ Samples

If you are a Costco “Grazer” you won’t be happy with the announcement the bulk store giant made on Monday. According to spokesperson Marty Francis, Costco will begin charging a small fee for their samples they provide to customers while they shop.

“Due to an increase in costs associated with slower sales and an increase in food recalls, Costco must find other avenues for revenue,” said Francis. “In addition to that, we have seen an increase in shoppers going back for 3rd’s, 4th’s and 5th’s – literally filling up on free samples. That’s not what they are here for, this is not a buffet.”

Francis says this should help to discourage grazers from “filling up” on free food at their store. It will also prevent people with expired memberships, who have still hung on to their membership cards, from entering the store just to eat. The cost per sample is estimated to be somewhere between $.50 – $.75 and will begin the end of August, 2016. “We are also considering an additional membership that will allow you unlimited samples throughout the year. This will cost an additional $58 per member.”

Costco customers say they are not happy with many of them threatening to cancel their memberships and sign up with Sam’s Club.
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Elderly People Riot Nursing Home After Field Trip to Dunkin’ Donuts Was Denied, 29 Injured

Complete chaos erupted at Shady Creek Assisted Living and Retirement Home community in Detroit, Michigan when a scheduled outing to Dunkin’ Donuts was canceled with no explanation. Elderly people living in that community rioted the center with canes and walkers while one elderly resident was swinging his life alert necklace in the air cutting a nurse in the face inside the facility. One couple, who managed to get outside of the facility, were caught spray painting “F*ck The Cops” outside one of the windows.

“It was complete madness, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Nancy Reeder, head nurse. Nancy showed News 8 an injury she sustained when an elderly man bit her in the arm, leaving his dentures behind. “Mr. Norman came up behind me, grabbed my arm and bit down with his teeth. As he pulled away, his dentures locked onto my skin leaving him in shock and without any teeth. That’s when I kicked him behind the knee, and he fell to the ground where I was able to restrain him.”

The incident began last week in a previous Dunkin’ Donuts outing that left 10 of the elderly residents with stomach cramps and diarrhea. “It was an awful mess we had to clean up,” said Reeder. “Their aging stomachs can’t really handle all of that sugar. So we decided to cancel all future outings. Apparently, not all of them were in agreement.”

In all, 29 people were injured: Out of the 29, 18 were residents of Shady Creek, 5 nurses, and 6 visitors. None of the injuries were life-threatening – just a few broken hips, bruises and scratches.
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9 Year Old Murders Parents After They Turn Off WIFI For Punishment

A 9 year-old boy has been taken into custody by the Fairfax County, Virginia Police Department after he shot his parents to death over their decision to turn off the Internet for punishment. According to reports, the juvenile had been caught abusing a litter of kittens he found in the bushes near his house. Eyewitnesses say he put them in a trash bag and was slamming it against the tree. Neighbors immediately notified his parents who quickly took action.

According to the boy’s confession, his parents grounded him by turning off the Internet so he could not play his online games or communicate through apps on his tablet. This infuriated the child who proceeded to destroy the house by ripping pictures off the wall and turning over tables. His sibling, who was in the house at the time and unharmed, said his older brother finally calm down and became silent in his room. Approximately one hour later the 9 year-old entered the living room where the parents were watching TV and pulled out his father’s 9 mm handgun.

The child shot his mother in the head, killing her instantly and fired the remaining bullets at his father killing him as well. The names of the parents have not yet been released. The child has been taken into custody under mental evaluation.
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Grandmother with AK-47 Saves Cops Being Attacked by Street Ga

Officers of the LAPD received some totally unexpected back up yesterday during a fight with local gang members in the Watts neighborhood as an elderly lady with an assault rifle showed up and scared the criminals away. Officer Ricardo Cordova and Frank Cho were responding to a call concerning a presumed drug dealer in a parking lot when they came under fire from members of a local street gang. The policeman rapidly found themselves in a perilous situation, being inferior to their attackers in both numbers and firepower.

Fortunately for them, 79-year-old Wendy Robinson was watching the events from her kitchen window and decided to intervene. The elderly woman equip herself with a bulletproof vest and an AK-47 assault rifle, running to the officers rescue firing more than 160 rounds of the direction of the assailants, injuring two of them.

No charges are being filed against Robinson and the LAPD is calling her a “hero.” She will be served with a medal of honor in a ceremony next week.
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Midget Locked In Filing Cabinet Over The Weekend After Co-Workers Slip Him LSD

Mobile, Alabama – An Alabama man is recovering after he suffered an incident at work that human rights activists are calling “a blatant display of hate towards a person with dwarfism.” On Friday, Douglas Harold, a 33-year-old man who suffers from dwarfism, was apparently drugged by his coworkers when they slipped some LSD in his can of Arizona Iced Tea. Exactly how this incident unfolded is still unclear to authorities, but what they have so far has police shocked by the utter disrespect for human life.

According to the victim, the last thing he remembered was laughing in the break room with several coworkers towards the end of the afternoon. Harold said he remembers feeling a bit lightheaded and decided to lay down for a minute. When he walked back to his desk, he said he noticed a “huge king-size bed and decided to take a nap.” But what Harold now knows, is what he thought was a “king-size bed” was really the filing cabinet next to his desk, a hallucination that had him trapped in his office the entire weekend.

Harold describes a trip where he soared through the air on purple unicorn, visiting strange lands full of candy canes and cotton candy. But his trip turned into horror, once the LSD wore off and he realized somebody had locked him in his filing cabinet. From Saturday evening until Monday morning, Harold describes hours of screaming and clawing at his metal entrapment. It was’t until employees arrived at work Monday morning, did they hear his cries for help. Unable to find the key, employees frantically pried open the metal cabinet and freed the man.

Police are still investigating who may have drugged the special needs man, but are looking into several leads. There was a midget tossing party Harold admitted to being a part of last week and police believe that led to this incident. Harold was taken to the hospital and treated for anxiety, shortness of breath and mild abrasions. He says he will not let this incident stop him from working with “regular sized people.”
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57 Pound Toad Caught Eating Neighboring Pets In New Mexico

RODEO, NEW MEXICO – Residents of Rodeo, New Mexico have an unfortunate incident they all share in common – their cats and dogs are missing. At first, they suspected a mountain lion as the reason for the disappearance of their pets. But the real reason that was revealed yesterday, has scientists scratching their heads in disbelief.

The culprit – a giant Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo Alvarius). This 57 pound toad is responsible for the loss of at least 15 pets in their town. The Sonoran Desert Toad is the largest native toad to North America, but does not typically get any larger than about 1.5 pounds and a length of 7.5 inches.

Scientists are trying to figure out what made this toad so big! /
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Guy Goes To Mexico To Kill Himself, Spends Week Doing Coke & Banging Hookers, Decides To Keep Living

Two thousand dollars spent on a trip to Mexico, a cab ride, a seedy hotel room, excessive amounts of cocaine, and hooker orgies legitimately saved a man’s life. This might be the first time anyone’s ever said that. Don’t know.

Amidst a battle of debilitating depression, he traveled to Mexico to purchase “chemicals” to humanely end his life. The aptly-named Reddit user, plzsendhalp, shares his story involving ripping lines of coke off hookers’ tits, battling whiskey/coke dick with Viagra, multiple threesomes, and of course his will to finally live.

From reddit:

Went to Mexico to buy barbiturates for a humane and peaceful death.

Decided that if I was gonna die anyway I might as well fuck a prostitute before it was all over. After that a cab driver offered to sell me cocaine. One thing lead to another, and I got a room above a whore house equipped with a heart shaped bed, a stripper pole, and a hot tub.

Spent a full week snorting coke off tits, popping pain meds, drinking tequila, eating handfuls of Viagra to fight the whiskey/coke dick, and had three FFM threesomes.

Somewhere in the midst of my coke-fueled orgy I decide life wasn’t so bad after all.

He then packed his shit up and headed back home, STD-free.

Personally speaking, after a week filled with cocaine and sex with Mexican prostitutes, I’d descend into a deep, dark state of depression from the effects of my moral hangover. I’m glad it worked for this guy, though.

He goes on to explain in the comments that his depression was caused by an abusive childhood, then offers words of encouragement for anyone dealing with similar depression issues. He doesn’t suggest they go the Mexico hookers and cocaine route, but he encourages nonetheless. He also fields an onslaught of private messages from people seeking his advice–a true good samaritan.

100 Illegal Immigrants Found Alive Inside Dead Cow Carcasses In Semi-Trucks At Texas Border

Saturday afternoon, Laredo, Texas police made a shocking discovery while performing a random truck inspection at a checkpoint in the border city. Police say 34-year-old Thomas Gray was driving an 18 wheeler employed by Freight Lines when he was asked to step out of his vehicle for an inspection. Gray was ordered to open the back of his truck, at which point the 34-year-old truck driver ran off into a wooded area. Police broke open the lock on the back of the semi-truck, to find 50 dead cows stacked in the refrigerated area.

At first, police say there was nothing out of the ordinary – until they heard a baby crying. With they found next, was like something out of a horror movie. “When we entered the truck, searching for the crying infant, we saw nothing. As we investigated further, it led me to one of the carcasses and I realized the crying was coming from the inside,” said officer Manuel Rodriguez of the Laredo, Texas Police Department.

Officers said they immediately cut open the cow to not only find an infant, but his mother holding him tightly. The cow had been gutted out and lined with a hard plastic shell with air holes drilled through the carcass. Upon inspection, they found 50 animals which contained two people in each one. Laredo police recovered 32 women, 20 children, and 48 men – all illegal immigrants.

As for Thomas Gray, he was recovered in a wooded area hiding in a bush. When Gray was arrested, he refused to give out any information on his involvement in the transport of these illegal immigrants. The details of the transport, police say, are still under investigation. The 80 adults recovered are currently being held in police custody, while the 20 children, all under the age of six, are being cared for at Child Protective Services awaiting foster placement until police can figure out what to do with them.
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Cop Accused Of Asking Teen Driver For Nudes To Avoid A Ticket In Baytown

Baytown Cop Accused Of Asking Teen Driver For Nudes To Avoid A Ticket and this is supposedly what all happened.

A teen driver was pulled over and given a ticket for speeding and expired regestration. Just an hour after that she was contacted via social media and asked to send a nude picture of herself in exchange for the ticket being changed to warnings.
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Man CREEPED OUT After Opening SUSPICIOUS CONTAINER Floating Down River!

Imagine a weird container comes floating down the river. What would you do? Would you grab the cooler, drag it to shore and then try to open it?

“YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT WAS INSIDE THIS COOLER. SHOCKING. WOW. MIND BLOWN” You actually really shouldn’t guess what was inside this thing.
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