Police: Woman bites off guard’s finger after stealing condoms, lubricant from WalMart

A 23-year-old woman has been charged with assault after police say she stole items from a Myrtle Beach WalMart and got in to a fight with two loss prevention officers, according to a police report.

Carolynn Elizabeth Wright was arrested on Sunday, Jan. 10 by Myrtle Beach police.The arrest came after police responded to an assault call at the WalMart on Seaboard Street.
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11-Year-Old Shoots Mom’s Abusive Ex-Boyfriend After He Stabbed Her

An 11-year-old girl shot her mother’s abusive ex-boyfriend after he broke into their home and began stabbing her mother. According to KFOR reports: Jayda Milsap, 11, shot Leonardo Henry, 25, twice with a handgun after he stabbed her mother in the eye, neck, and chest.

Jayda’s mother, Brandy Moreno told police that she was afraid that her ex-boyfriend would hurt them for going to the police.
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Woman Suddenly Gives Birth While Shopping Walks Away With Baby Like It Was Nothing

Giving birth usually involves long hours of pain and so it’s important that a mother gets professional medical care. It is, however, still a case to case basis as some women can attest that delivering children hasn’t been so difficult for them at all.
Such as this woman who recently went viral online after a shocking video made rounds on social media.
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To tell if you are among the possessed, she advises that you look for the following symptoms:
Low energy levels, Character shifts or mood swings, Inner voice or voices speaking to you, Impulsive behavior, Memory problems, Poor concentration, Sudden onset of physical problems, A sudden onset of anxiety or bouts of depression (especially after hospitalization or any other trauma) and Weight gain with no obvious cause.
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Man Cuts Off Thumbs Claiming They Were Causing Him To Type Homophobic Tweets

A Mississippi man, 48-year-old Jared Willis, was hospitalized last month and put under a psychiatric hold after he severed his thumbs claiming they were causing him to type homophobic tweets.

Willis claims that he would tweet up to 300 posts per day “gay bashing” the homosexual lifestyle.
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Man Tries To Turn Himself In For Reward Money, Gets Arrested

A string of robberies in the Detroit, Michigan area had residence on high alert, that is until 58-year-old Terrence Robinson turned himself in.

W Warren Ave and McKinley Street in Detroit are no strangers to crime, but in the months of October and November there were several burglaries that had one thing in common – a tall can of Old English Malt Liquor was left behind at the scene. They knew they had a serial robber on their hands.
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Prehistoric Owl Successfully Cloned In Brazil – Plucks Out Scientists Eyeballs In Attack

As scientists continue to play with mother nature, they are unearthing specimens from the past that could very well endanger our environment. So is the case with this prehistoric owl that has been cloned by scientists in Brazil.

The giant cursorial owl, also known as Ornimegalonyx, was an extinct giant owl that measures 3’7″ in height when fully grown.
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Man Receives “Evil Blood’ From Blood Transfusion, Goes Insane

A Chicago hospital was under lockdown this morning after a man stabbed 5 patients while receiving treatment. Kenny Winston, 38, arrived at University of Chicago Medical Center to receive a blood transfusion early Monday morning.

According to police, Winston claims he “knows for a fact he received blood from someone who worships Satan” after Winston says his mind went fuzzy and he heard a voice saying ‘kill them all.’
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Teen Rescued After Being Kidnapped By Step-Mom And Held Hostage By Violent Dwarfs

A 17-year-old girl is now recovering after being rescued from a bizarre hostage situation that went on for nearly one year.

Tina White was under the care of her stepmother, Linda White when she was allegedly poisoned and kidnapped, sent to be held hostage by seven accomplices hired by her father’s new wife.
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Elderly Woman In Critical Condition After Slipping On Used Condoms Man Was Trying To Return To Wamart

A 94-year-old St. Louis, Missouri woman Ingrid Wallace, is now in critical condition at a local hospital after what authorities call a “shocking and unfortunate event.”

According to investigators, Ingrid was at the Missouri Walmart’s customer service counter exchanging a quilt she had purchased the other day. Walter Mathis was also at the customer service desk apparently “trying to exchange used condoms” he had purchased the night before.
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